Recover Zarafa Server database

Zarafa is an open source collaborative software that acts as an alternative to MS Exchange Server. It can easily integrate with Microsoft Outlook to allow sharing of mails, appointments, and other items. Zarafa has its own mail client known as 'WebAccess' that very much resembles the Outlook desktop application.

The Zarafa server keeps all data in a MySQL database. This database contains various tables storing your mail items (email messages, tasks, appointments, notes, etc.), their properties, users and groups, and different access rights. The Zarafa server database may easily become susceptible to corruption and this corruption may occur during the normal operation or as result of a server crash. Typically, database corruption occurs due to hardware failures, power surges, bugs in MySQL code, etc. This results in loss of vital emails and other items stored in the database.

To efficiently recover Zarafa database and retrieve all your precious mailbox data, use Stellar Phoenix Zarafa Recovery. The software uses dedicated and adroit techniques to repair damaged Zarafa server databases and retrieve various user mailboxes containing emails, notes, contacts, calendar, distribution lists etc.

In order to safely recover Zarafa emails using Stellar Phoenix Zarafa Recovery, you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

Note: Zarafa Server runs on Linux. However you can repair the corrupt Zarafa database on your Windows OS-based computer with Stellar Zarafa Recovery software. You just need to import the corrupt Zarafa server database from your Linux system to a Windows-based computer. Also, ensure that the 'database' to be recovered and its corresponding 'ibdata1' file are present in the same folder.

  • The main interface of Stellar Phoenix Zarafa Recovery is shown below. Click 'Select Folder' to select the folder containing Zarafa server database and the 'ibdata1' file.

  • The 'Browse for Folder' dialog box appears on your screen. Select the desired folder containing the Zarafa server database to be repaired and click 'OK'. Now, click 'Start' to establish a connection to the MySQL server.


  • Provide the required login information to connect to the server, i.e. 'Host Name', 'User Name', and 'Password'. Click 'OK'.


  • Now, the software starts repairing the corrupt Zarafa server database. The progress bar below shows the status of the repair process. You can view the log of the process in the bottom-right pane.


  • After successful completion of the process, a dialog box appears on your screen displaying the following message: “Database recovery completed”


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* Free download of the product allows you to preview all the recoverable mail items. To save those items, you need to purchase the software.

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