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Fixing “Errors have been detected in the File Outlook.ost” in Outlook 2007

If you are ardent to know the working of MS Outlook and its data storage concept, you are most probably aware of OST (Offline Storage Table) file. The file is housed on the computer locally, facilitating users to work in cases of Exchange Server downtime in the offline mode. These files consist of all your Outlook data and when you attempt to read/write an email, OST synchronizes all the changes when connection with Exchange reestablishes.

However, you may come across a big problem when OST file goes orphaned or gets corrupt. It generally happens due to the following causes:

An OST file also gets corrupt when the corresponding profile is modified or deleted. Be it any reason, ultimately user faces various errors. One such error is described below.

“Errors have been detected in the File Outlook.ost”

Root Cause of the Error

It is the primary task to know what caused the problem. The cause of the error may be any of the one, including abnormal exit from Outlook, virus attack, or accidental system shutdown.


Naturally, you cannot leave the file in the same state and will look for a resolution to restore it to its original state and get back all your inaccessible data. To repair Outlook OST file, you need to use an inbuilt utility named ‘scanost.exe’. In MS Outlook 2007, the file is found at the following location:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12

Now that you have located the file, carry out the below given procedure:

You can easily do what is instructed above, but sometimes, you may get stuck in between or the process fails to give the desired results. What should be done in this case? Try Stellar OST Repair Tool to resolve all the errors from corrupted OST file and save into PST format,you may try the demo version from here:

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