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How to Use ‘ ExMerge’ When the Mailbox Size Exceeds Two Gigabytes

A Personal Folders file (.PST) is the native database of MS Outlook that stores your emails, contacts, calendars, journals, and notes. This information also resides on the Exchange Server that houses EDB files containing user mailboxes. If the PST file of a user is misplaced, the Exchange administrator can quickly export his mailbox to an Outlook PST to make data immediately available.In addition, this can be used to create backups of Exchange user mailboxes and restore data whenever the server goes down or crashes unexpectedly. You can use ExMerge tool to extract data from mailboxes on Exchange server. If the size of a mailbox is greater than 2 GB, you can extract mailbox information in groups. Each group of data should be 2 GB or less in size. In order to accomplish this, you can perform export based on a search criteria, such as date or subject.

For exporting mailboxes larger than 2 GB using ExMerge, follow the given procedure-

• Navigate to the directory where you have installed Exchange Server (usually C:Program FilesExchange Server). Search for the ‘Exmerge.exe’ file in this directory and double-click it.

• When the ExMerge wizard launches, click ‘Extract or Import (Two Step Procedure)’, and then ‘Next’. The next window is displayed. Choose ‘Step 1’, and then click ‘Next’.

• Type your Exchange Server name in the ‘Microsoft Exchange Server Name’ text box and click ‘Options’. This presents you with a new window that allows you to ExMerge pieces of email information from the Exchange Server.

• Select the ‘Data’ tab. Specify the desired date range for extracting your email file in parts. To provide a range, you need to consider the total range for your email files. If you need to extract email in two partitions and the total range is one year, you should choose a range of six months. Click ‘OK’. This will lead you to the main ExMerge window. Click ‘Next’.

• Choose a preferred language in the ‘Default Locale’ dropdown and click ‘Next’. Specify a location to save the extracted email file on your hard drive and click ‘Next’.

• When the summary screen appears, click ‘Save’. After the process is finished, ExMerge will save the email part on the hard drive at the specified location.

You may consider using professional software to convert EDB to PST for saving time and painstaking effort. These software can safely export exchange mailboxes bigger than 2 GB in a single operation without compromising your email information.

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