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Methods to Fix Corruption in Entourage database

Entourage delivers numerous features to Mac users and is among the most commonly utilized email client. It stored entire mailbox data such as email messages, address book contacts, calendar entries, etc. in a database file. Just like other data file, Entourage database files are prone to damage on reaching the stipulated storage limits.

Several damages are easy to repair, but some errors are beyond repair. Such damages occur due to corruption in database files that may have caused due to numerous reasons. The factors that make Entourage database corrupt can be virus/ malware infections, inappropriate system shutdown, corruption in database structure, application malfunction, corruption in database header, Entourage identity corruption and many more.

Identify Entourage Database Errors & Associated Reasons

Deleting data from the Entourage database file does not erase the data completely or permanently. In fact, the deleted data is stored within database until replaced by new records. This makes Entourage database unhealthy and generates corruption issues.

Eventually, the database displays the under-mentioned error message on becoming corrupt.

“Entourage cannot access your data. To attempt to fix the problem, rebuild your database.”

Apart from this, the Entourage database files displays following errors on becoming corrupt and inaccessible.

When any of these error messages appears on the computer screen, it brings along a lot of issues such as application malfunction or inaccessibility of entire data items from Entourage mailbox. To begin with, try deleting all deleted items permanently as it tends to reduce the volume of Entourage database file making it small, faster and manageable.

However, permanent deletion may not result in reducing the actual size of the Entourage database due to which one may require to compact the database as it seems to be the best solution under such scenario.

Pre-requisites to Begin Compact Entourage Database

Compacting the Entourage database may resolve the persisting error, making database files accessible and functional. Before proceeding to the workaround procedure to compact the Entourage Database, make sure that all the pre-requisites are fulfilled:

To do this, click on the application, then go to Menu in the toolbar and click on Quit. Alternatively, press Command, Option and Esc keys altogether to quit the running applications.

Select to quit the Microsoft programs following defined procedure or alternatively Force Quit the applications to run Compact Database process.

Prior to begin the Compact Database procedure using Database Utility; ensure that there is enough free space on hard drive. The free space must be 3 times as that of the Identity folder. For example: if the database is 1.5 GB, the free space on storage media must be 4.5 GB. To determine the current volume of the identity folder, go to File menu, click on Get Info and select Get Information option.

In order to prevent data loss or deletion of any important Entourage database item, it is recommended to duplicate database so that the lost items can be restored efficiently.

Since the procedure to compact Entourage database can be executed from Database Utility, open the respective window to begin the process.

Steps to Fix Corrupt Entourage Files using Database Utility

Next, continue to the following method to fix corruption in Entourage database in simple steps.

Step# 1: Holding down the Command and Option keys available on the keyboard will run Database Utility instead of launching the database

Step# 2: Make sure that Main Identity is highlighted under the Identity column under Select the database you want to maintain section

Step# 3: Next, move to the Select the maintenance activity to perform section and select Compact database option

Step# 4: Next, click on Continue to proceed further


The database will create a new blank database file and renames the damaged and corrupted .rge file. All undeleted data items are then copied to the new database file. Afterwards an index is created within the newly created file so that Entourage can efficiently search for the emails and other database contents.

Step# 5: Compact Status dialog box appears with live progress status of the compact database process. Once the database compacting operation completes, the dialog box will display message stating “Your database was successfully compacted” with data and time details. Click on Done to exit Database Utility window and continue to Entourage database.

Tip: If the issues with Entourage Database still persist and you receive the same error message, try rebuilding the database using Rebuild Database option available in the Database Utility window.

Repair Entourage Database Efficiently & Securely

The above-mentioned steps may help resolve Entourage database corruption issues but you may end up losing loss. Manual procedures to fix Entourage database corruption may be complex and leads to loss of crucial database components. However, employing a professional Entourage database repair utility can easily repair the highly corrupt Entourage database files.

Stellar Repair for Entourage software is developed using strong algorithms that securely repair data from the corrupt Entourage files to make it accessible. The software supports all latest versions of Mac OS including Sierra 10.12, El Capitan 10.11, Yosemite 10.10, Mavericks 10.9, Mountain Lion 10.8, Lion 10.7, Snow Leopard 10.6, Leopard 10.5 and Tiger 10.4. The software performs repair of entire Entourage database components including emails with embedded attachments, contacts, notes, calendar entries, address book, tasks, etc.

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