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Exchange server files are available as EDB extension. So what happens when Exchange server is overburdened with these EDBs?

The entire organization’s email communication comes to a standstill! This is the worst scenario when you are unable to access emails either through Outlook or OWA. No mail arrives in your inbox and no mail is driven out of your outbox.

In normal Exchange Database operations, it is not unusual that the database process terminates abruptly. This termination may be attributed to inaccessible backend storage, or problem at server level. A user might have to access his mail data through MS Outlook. To get old EDB data from Outlook, Exchange Admins should convert EDB to PST. Read on to get the complete overview of Best EDB to PST Converter- Stellar Converter for EDB along with the user-reviews.

When to convert Exchange Mailboxes to PST?

The primary reason for Exchange Database file to PST conversion is backup maintenance. PSTs are accessible by other Email clients hence data is accessible from other machines also.

  • During Exchange server maintenance when the maintenance process extends beyond the prescribed downtime limit
  • When Exchange server is unable to perform its functions
  • Organization decides to migrate Exchange
  • When Exchange data is to be transferred from one end to another
  • When old data needs to be offloaded from a Bulky Exchange server

If Exchange server is unable to perform its functions, you must act fast to convert the EDB file to PST file.  PST or Personal storage Table lets you access mailbox data including mails, contacts, calendars and more and enables you to move this data from one place to another.

Be it internal communication as amongst the employees or external communication with clients and vendors, emails of all employees of an organization are equally important and available in an EDB file.  If there is an issue with Exchange server, it will have direct repercussion on organizational communication to the extent of data loss. To overcome the extreme condition, you should have backup for Exchange database or EDB as exchange database is the lifeline of the organization.

User mailboxes contain archived data. To obtain the archived data, Exchange server database needs to be dismounted. This requires halting the activities on the Exchange server until the process is completed. You can obtain archived data online with Stellar Converter for EDB tool without dismounting the Exchange database.

Stellar Converter for EDB – Best EDB to PST Converter tool for successful conversion of offline/online Exchange EDB File to PST file. Have a review of the key benefits of this tool:

The biggest advantage of this tool is that it helps in exporting Exchange mailboxes to PST in online as well as offline mode thus ensuring user services are not at any disadvantage and conversion process is complete at one go. Offline conversion feature enables Exchange Administrators to work with server downtime.

This Best EDB to PST Converter tool extracts all mail components keeping the original data intact. Not only to PST; conversion tool allows file conversion to EML, MSG, HTML, RTF, and PDF formats with an added option to convert one, two or multiple mailbox as per requirement.

Language is no bar. Additional feature assists EDB file conversion of any language to PST format. One of the unique features is to save the scanned file as an image at preferred location and access and upload into the software at your convenient time to complete the conversion.

Restores deleted mailboxes, and export offline EDB directly to live Exchange server are some of the distinctive features which help you act fast during a crisis. Review all mailboxes to verify contents to check if all data is available and how the data will look like after the process is complete. Then you should proceed for EDB file conversion.

Not to forget the support! This Best EDB to PST Converter  tool supports MS Exchange 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000 and 5.5 versions and compatible with Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista /  Windows Server 16/ Windows Server 12 / Windows Server 8

How Stellar’s tool is best EDB to PST converter tool

Exclusive Software analysis websites provide an authentic and unbiased preview of prevailing professional software along with Administrators’ experience on software and their comments.

clintboessen Blog: Clint Boessen has provided an independent review of this tool on his blog site describing the complete EDB to PST process with special highlights on features.

One of the users “Alen” also placed a comment on the same blog site. A screenshot of the reviewer is available below:

Best Rated EDB to PST Converter

johanveldhuis Blog: Johan Veldhuis is software related blogger. The Microsoft Exchange expert recommends this tool and proclaims this tool as highly proficient and reliable.

Stephen Lambert, an ardent user of Stellar Converter for EDB, has penned his reviews and has placed it high amongst users:

Best Rated EDB to PST Converter

Websites like,, have given an exclusive rating to Stellar Converter due to its functionalities and exclusive feature of successfully converting Exchange EDB in any language to PST.

CNET: Stellar Converter for EDB has earned 4.5 out of 5 stars from 24 users. Users have posted positive reviews on the product. Refer the image below:

Best Rated EDB to PST Converter

SOFTPEDIA: there are more than 700 downloads from the website. And user rating is 5.0/5. This application is quite successful amongst users as shown in the image below:

Best Rated EDB to PST Converter

SOFTONIC: 9.0/10 is one of the highest ratings for any software. This implies that the users are extremely satisfied with product performance and have achieved more than 90% success rate.

Best Rated EDB to PST Converter

Working steps

Windows Users can download, install, run and start using the converter

A quick-guide is explained below to understand the graphical user interface and work faster with this Best EDB to PST Converter tool:

free download

  1. First screen is user interface. This screen highlights user menus and buttons which help user to access various features of the software with ease.
  2. Search your EDB file by selecting the drive, and the EDB converter tool enlists EDB files stored in the particular drive. Select the required EDB, and click on Next.
  3. Preview of all the mailboxes available in EDB file is displayed on the screen.
  4. Select the option PST if you want to convert complete EDB file into PST.
  5. In case, you want to export data directly to Office 365, check the option Office365. You will be prompted to enter Mail ID and password. Fill in the details to export the selected mailbox folders to Office 365
  6. You can also select a particular mailbox, right click on that mailbox to export it directly to Exchange mailbox. Select any mailbox folder which you want to export to live Exchange server mailbox. Right click on the folder and click ‘Export to Exchange Mailbox’ option. Enter Exchange server credentials to export mailboxes data directly to connect Exchange server mailboxes.

Why Buy Best EDB to PST Converter – Stellar Converter for EDB software?

  • Primary reason to buy this software is its reliability. As depicted from the images in review section, this software provides user satisfaction. Most users require this conversion tool which has proved its reliability time and again.
  • Demo version helps you get an overview of the software and its functionalities. You have the option to test the performance of Stellar Converter for EDB before clicking on Buy button.
  • Data security: Organizational data is confidential. This tool never promotes data sharing hence your data remains secure and confidential, always.

The Conclusion

Now that you have a fair idea of the benefits, key features, system support, compatibility, procedures and the reasons to use Stellar Converter for EDB software, you can have a hands-on experience on why this software is rated as the best EDB to PST tool. This EDB to PST converter tool can be used by anyone who is  facing communication-crisis

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